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I've been blissfully working at the same company for nearly three years. I really my job and my coworkers are friendly but back in September I had a complete lack of ambition. Maybe it was the end of summer but my feeling seemed common throughout the office. The company's manager must've have noticed it too because before long the company had to participate in a Business networking training day.

When I heard the news I scoffed. People of my generation welcome. Blame the film Office Space. So this is the attitude through which I viewed the actual workshop. After the actual workshop I'd totally changed my mind. During the workshop we were treated to captivating, encouraging, and entertaining motivational speakers. The exercises were useful. And even the food was delicious. The important thing was I went back to the office with revived motivation, healthier leadership qualities, and a more intimate relationship with my coworkers. If your work is hiring motivational speaker save your pessimism.

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